Defined as: The state or quality of being two or in two parts; dichotomy.
The quality or character of being twofold.

The way we can have exultation and despair side by side.
The manner in which we draw comfort from the one’s that can hurt us the most.
The moment where masculine meets feminine and the continuum they expand along…

Sexuality. Bulimia. Naked and nude.

The balance of personality traits within us all. How those we wish to hide can be nestled into those we choose to show.
How when you have reached rock bottom you have reached an epiphany.
How one note played at length can start to split and sound like two.
The way we can laugh in the face of death.

As a photographer I have always been fascinated by the duality in life. The delicate balance or disharmony that exists in the nuances of the everyday.

We live in a society with an insatiable appetite for acknowledgement. The drive to expose the self and define our understanding of ourselves by what others click in our chosen social media is combined with an echo chamber of spirituality and lack of connectedness.

What are selfies, facebook likes, sharing your most banal moments on twitter if not a blind grab for attention without a true sense of depth?

When taken with a meditative breath, is this all we can offer as a human race?

Where is the pivot point that will allow us to come back to true mateship, partnership and exploration of our inner selves and our fellow man or woman?

Do we need a new revolution?

All of our editorials, features and Fresh Crop Creatives have been chosen for some duality – their state of mind, the themes in their work, what they struggle with, two of the same, two in opposition…what it is to be human.

Click here for ISSUE TWO: DUALITY.

The Dream Assembly Editor, Kate Andrews

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