Contributor – Arielle – Model [Giant, Australia]

How did you get into modelling?
I walked into a hair dresser after trying a diy bleach and was asked to model for an emergency drop out, after that I did a few more shows and shoots for them, sporting a lovely orange and purple do! (which I had to ditch when I joined giant of course).

How were you discovered?
I was in the audience at a model search competition which my hair dresser was helping out at, she then introduced me to one of the Giant ladies who liked me and asked me to come in that week!

How long have you been with Giant?
About 2 years now I think?

What do you think defines style?
Individuality, and not being afraid of what others might think.

If you had one photo to capture the essence of who you are what would it look like?
Me and my little brother making silly faces, playing video games, running around throwing frisbees and dancing gangam style, maybe in Paris or somewhere nice.

What have you gained from modelling so far?
Confidence, maturity, perspective, and insight into a really interesting and bizarre industry.
Not many 16 years old manage themselves in such an intense job, communicate with clients on a professional basis and deal with nearly so much responsibility.

What is your fave piece of clothing and why?
A trench coat I bought this year in Paris, it’s comfy, waterproof and yet still sexy!
Plus you can wear whatever you want underneath and no one will know.

What shoot has affected you the most and in what way?
A shoot for a Gold Coast shopping centre, it was completely professional, no chatting or having fun or anything like what I’d seen at most other shoots, it was pretty awful- I guess modeling can be a serious/boring job too!

What have you learnt about yourself through modelling?
That I can actually do a hell of a lot if I put my mind to it, that absolutely anywhere is accessible by public transport if you persevere, also that walking is much harder than it looks…

Sum your mood up in one word.

3 words to describe your style.
Jeans and tshirt.

Which 5 people would you invite for your ‘Last Supper’?
My little brother, Nikola Tesla, Heston Blumenthal, Dovakiin and Frida Kahlo.

Besides modelling what do you love doing?
Mucking around with my brother, doing all sorts of silly things and being dorks together 🙂

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Being a scientist after I finish my uni hopefully!!

And finally, what is your passion?
Discovering new things.