Model – Vanessa Sullivan [FRM]


How were you discovered?
One afternoon I decided to go into FRM and as soon as I walked in I just knew I was in the right place for my modelling career I was greeted with smiles and I felt so accepted and special for who I was and the look that I had.

How long have you been with your agency?

I’ve been with FRM for a couple months now and I am just loving it, such an awesome agency and I just feel so comfortable learning from them and being surrounded by people so well known in the industry.
What have you gained from modelling so far?
Confidence, motivation and overall its enhanced my passion and love for life, you also gain a stronger respect for yourself and your body, its hard living in a society where we are constantly made to feel inadequate and insecure, so its nice to be around people who are there to help you feel your best and achieve your best.

What shoot has affected you the most and in what way?
Definitely my first shoot, in life we sometimes think we should hold back from expressing who we really are for worry that we may be judged but halfway through the shoot I just felt alive and I felt like I could really express my personality through the camera with less fear, shyness and insecurity.

What have you learnt about yourself through modelling?
I still am so new in the industry so there is still so much more for me to learn but I think I have furthered my learning on how beauty does not stop at the skin it goes way down to the core… you need that inner light and passion to really make those photos the wow factor you cant stand there and be a mannequin. It’s a way of life not just an afternoon shoot, you need to dig up all those insecurities you have and well f*k them off. If you can carry that light you know that you can walk into a room or a casting with hundreds of models surrounding you and get the job.

What are 3 things you can’t live without whilst modelling?
Water is essential for the body and mind it is natures best detoxifier especially during a shoot to constantly stay hydrated is extremely important so you can perform your best, water also helps you achieve that glow and baby you want to glow! The other two things would be chocolate its good to have those sweet snacks for energy and well body lotion, I cant live without it and some days after a long tiring shoot I get excited at the thought of showering and applying it. I know my skin will always look fresh and great in photos too because of it and it really does make me feel sexy, sometimes in a shoot the wind can really dry out your skin so to know you’ve done your best at maintaining its appearance and health, it feels good.

What makes an awesome shoot?
The vibe and energy really contributes to the shoot, if the photographer has a passion and gives off really good vibes and everyone else around you is also really pumped you just get so much more inspired to give it all you’ve got, you also need to step into the shoot feeling good about who you are and what you represent.
If you could be any supermodel who would you be?
Adriana Lima I mean who wouldn’t want to be a Victoria’s secret model? They are the sexiest angels in the world but I think its extremely important to not only be beautiful and sexy, but to try hard and want to impact the world in a positive way and so many supermodels have achieved that in todays day and age its great but you can never have enough positive influences.

Who has influenced your modelling the most so far?
Well the great team at FRM who have helped shape me by teaching me tricks on walking and shoots have really influenced me because they have such a passion for it and I love being in the agency because of that, but I also love to look for inspiration in powerful beautiful and talented women and men in the world and I know many would turn to models but I turn to actresses like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Brad Pit because they are models in their craft and to be a supermodel you cant just be a model you need personality, sex appeal and to stand for so much more than just a beautiful face and body.. I mean beauty is so subjective.

Describe the last thing that made you feel awesome.
Waking up from a good sleep.

Who do you look up to?
Adrienne Malouf, Angelina Jolie, Oprah and oh my gosh the Beckhams such a sexy couple Victoria Beckham reflects such a true sense of style, class and elegance with bold, sexy outfits and platforms these women are so successful not only as business women but as beautiful, strong respected women. I also like to look up to Pamela Anderson she exudes such a sexy, fun personality. I like that she gets a little crazy in her world when she’s having fun and I couldn’t live a life without getting a little crazy and fun I feel like I can relate to her in that sense.

What do you value above all else?
Respect, loyalty, honesty and kindness, I can’t stand rudeness, everyone deserves a chance but it’s just a real turn off when you meet people who will step on others to get to the top or to get what they want.

When you are unsure of something who do you go to?
I will turn to my family and friends, I am lucky to have a close relationship with my mother and my sister who has also worked in the same industry. After I have run it past others I will then turn to myself again and run it past myself and make sure the conclusions I have come to reflect my values… its easy to get caught up in other peoples opinions and get dragged through the crowd but sometimes you need to stand firm regardless, it is your life and as long as you are not intentionally hurting others you deserve to stand by your opinions, beliefs and conclusions.

Music of choice when angry?
I turn to house music with a really heavy bass so I can dance around the house and get all the anger out of my system or I turn to Nirvana, ACDC, Bon jovi and The Rolling Stones, I love the classics.

Music of choice when elated?
When I’m feeling on top of the world I love listening  to Hot chocolate – Everyone’s a winner.
Sum your current mood up in one word. Happy.

What do you do in your spare time?
If I’m not hitting the town or dining out with friends and family I will buy some amazing chocolate and sushi, darken my room, light candles and lie in bed and watch reality tv. I just love that down time where I can rest and rejuvenate, I am such a home body and my house is great for entertaining so I also love having people over and throwing dinner parties and cocktail parties its so much fun and so fulfilling to see everyone having a good time.

How do you stay in shape?
I have no idea, I love Evian water and I eat so much sushi and chocolate, no soft drinks or chips.

Do you have vices?
Going to bed way to late, eating too much chocolate (that cant be that bad 😉 ), lacking the ability to really prioritise, procrastinating way too much.

What is your philosophy in life?
To stand strong by your morals, who you are and what you believe in, don’t get me wrong it’s great to have an open mind at times, people are so full of knowledge that you don’t know about unless you open your mind and heart up to it but at the same time you need to stand by what you believe in, never let haters bring you down, if you have a plan or even if you don’t just keep your head up high, life is like climbing a staircase step after step it’s the journey. Another one of my main philosophy’s in life is to respect your mind and body so you don’t abuse it or let others abuse it, if you need to rest and heal and take yourself away from all of it do it, if you like having fun and not taking things to seriously all the time go do it, don’t let others stop you from shining just because they aren’t like that, don’t let them bring you down. – “Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins”

Which 3 words describe your style? Casual sexy, classy, edgy.

Pick one: Paris/New York/Dubai New York.

What’s something quirky we don’t know about you? I love playing a drum kit.

What do you want to gain from modelling?
I would love to grow and be the best I can in the industry but at the same time to inspire people and help them grow and learn through my experiences its really about impacting peoples lives in a positive way.

How do you think modelling and magazine editorials affect girls’ and women’s body image?
Girls and women look at these magazines and models to draw ideas of who they are and who they want to be. We all try to find things in common with these girls and if you can find commonalities you can idolise them and worship them more, you feel more connected to them and their world its exciting.

Which 5 people would you invite for your ‘Last Supper’?
My family and close friends.

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
I would love to be inspiring others in the best way possible, I love helping others and spreading passion, I would love to be standing for not only beauty but also success and wisdom.

If the world ends tomorrow what will you do tonight?
I would go to church.

View Vanessa’s work with The Dream Assembly here.

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