Contributor – Chelsea [Vivien’s Western Australia]


How were you discovered?
I was discovered through Viviens Agency at the age of 14.

How long have you been with your agency?
Approx 2 years.

What have you gained from modelling so far?
How to pose your body in different positions that are complimentary to your face and figure.

What is your fave piece of clothing and why?
Button up vintage top from Pigeonhole. I love vintage clothing and this top is very individual in its design.

What have you learnt about yourself through modelling?
To be confident in yourself as this reflects in the final images.

<strong>Who is your favourite person from history and why?
Audrey Hepburn is a strong female icon who was beautiful inside and out. I also take inspiration from her quote ‘’Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.’’

Who has influenced your modelling the most so far?
Miranda Kerr has influenced me greatly after reading her book. Her positive attitude towards life is inspiring and she continues to look flawless even though she has experienced many challenges in her life. Her mature approach to her modelling career from such a young age is encouraging.

Sunrise or sunset?Sunset.

Dog or cat? Dog

Art Gallery or online gallery?Art gallery.

Sum your mood up in one word.Content.

Which 3 words describe your style?Vintage, Classic, Comfortable

Which 5 people would you invite for your ‘Last Supper’?
Loved ones as family matters most.

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
Finishing my course in University and modelling on a tropical island would be a dream.

What is your passion?
I am passionate about drawing and creating art that relays a strong message to the audience so they can relate to the artwork personally. It is my passion because it allows me to engage in my imagination.