Makeup Artist – Jaynelle Lording


Jaynelle Lording

Describe what you do. Freelance makeup artist.

How long have you been at it? 4 years

Did you have a defining makeup moment? Not really.

Who has made the biggest impact on you creatively? My brother is also an artist so I guess growing up in the same house as me has influenced my love of art.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

One finished a piece of work, look at it once and then put it away haha, because if you are like me you will stare at it for hours picking out every minute fault.

Do you think (your occupation) should have a specific style? Not at all! Everyone works in different art, there is no one style.

Finish these sentences:

In 5 years I will be…Living and working overseas

Life is awesome when…you appreciate the simple things.

I would like to die…never… I have too much exploring and learning to do.

My style is… personal style…hippy with a bit of grunge.

When the shit hits the fan…sneak out of the room before I gag.

Instinct or logic? Instinct always.

Creativity is…self expression.

If you were an animal what would you be? Some kind of fish because life underwater is ridiculously amazing.

Favourite person from history is? Gandhi, Mandela and many other historical figures that have stood up against the masses to fight for freedom and equal rights.

What advice would you give an aspiring (your occupation)? Keep focused and don’t get disheartened by little setbacks because everyone has them.

If you were a celebrity who would you be and why? None, I want my privacy thanks 🙂

What was your impression of the world when you were growing up? That it’s a wonderful place that needs to be protected and respected, animals and the environment included.

Has the way you view the world changed? Not at all, my views have only got stronger.

What is your strength and what is your weakness in business? Strengths: I am friendly and my work is fast, clean and precise. Weakness: sometimes too nice and I am waayyy to critical of my work.

What is something quirky we don’t know about you? Not really quirky but I am vegetarian and studying a BA in International Development.

Where would you like to live most in the world? Africa somewhere.

If the world was to end tomorrow what would you do? Hang out with family and friends..oh and eat as much chocolate as I possibly can.

Cool people I have worked with: The Dream Team Assembly of course!

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