DAISY CHEUNG – Design Assistant COLLECTING PRETTY BOYS [Clothing Label]

DAISY CHEUNG – Design Assistant at Collecting Pretty Boys
Describe what you do:

I’m a design assistant at Melbourne fashion label Collecting Pretty Boys

How long have you been a designer with CPB?
Now that I think about it, it’s been almost a year! Time flies when you’re working for a fun and awesome label.

What were you creating/doing prior to CPB?
Before CPB, I was interning at a few labels and before that, I was studying fashion design at Whitehouse Institute of Design.

How would you describe your work?
My work is pretty gothic and dark; I tend to draw inspiration from sinister/dark subjects such as death, fear, monsters, abnormalities, and memento mori.

How has CPB helped your work?
CPB has helped me so much, I’m learning the reality of running a fashion label and it ain’t easy or glamorous, but it’s satisfying. You don’t get that hands-on experience at school; and Gab (CPB’s head designer) is such a nurturing and patient mentor.

You mix fabric textures a lot in your work? Why is this?
Texture makes the garment more interesting to look and touch, plus it’s fun to touch (especially faux fur!).
Who is the designer or artist that has influenced your work the most?
Definitely the late Lee McQueen, everything by him is just beautiful, I miss him and his runway shows so much. Aitor Throup, Yohji Yamamoto, Charles Frederick Worth, Ashley Wood, and Jamie Hewlett also influence me as well.

What motivates you?
Being able to express myself my ideas is a satisfying feeling, almost like it’s all bottled up and letting it out. That motivates me so much, and it’s exciting!
What is the hardest thing about being a stylist/designer?
Having too many ideas I want to do, whether it is styling, design or art.
How do you overcome this?
Narrowing down the ideas, then refining it. Quality over quantity.
What is the best thing?
Working in such a creative environment, I love going to the CPB studio everyday. Also, we post a pretty boy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as a thank you for everyone liking our page (and we get a good perve too!), so work gets fun and interesting but it’s hard work, I swear.

What is your career highlight thus far?
Can I say all of it? I love every aspect of working at CPB.
I don’t recall any lowlights; everything has been amazing.
Do you think designers/stylists should have a specific style? 
This is tricky to answer. I’d say yes and no, a lot of designers/artists/musicians/bands adopt a different style throughout their careers and some followers would say they’re selling out or not the same. You have to experiment and grow creatively by going out of your comfort zone, otherwise shit will get old and boring quickly. People want new things.
What is your strength and what is your weakness?
I think my strength would be researching; I seem to dig to the very bottom of everything, it’s good fun. My weakness? Definitely indecisiveness; I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not…

Finish these sentences:
I would like to die…
In a pre-2011 Alexander McQueen dress, can someone please donate one to me for my open casket viewing? Thanks in advance!

I like using symbolisms because I want my creative output in any medium to have a narrative behind it, otherwise I feel as though it’s “empty”.

When the shit hits the fan… I look at cat videos, better than alcohol. No joke.

I am inspired by… Humans. The capabilities and minds of humans are pretty fascinating and terrifying.

Creativity is… Creativity is, I believe, in everyone. Unfortunately our current education system is predisposed to academic teachings rather than nurturing our natural creativity.

Instinct or logic? Instinct. It works for creative things.

Dressing men…Dressing men is so fun! I’d love to do menswear in the future, there’s actually so much you can do. I used to be a tomboy when I was younger; men’s clothes are so comfy!

Dressing women… Dressing women in photo shoots is my favourite, your creative side gets a good workout and you get so many ideas.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
You can’t please everyone; do whatever makes you happy at the end of the day.
What is your end goal?

There’s so much I want to achieve but mainly having my own label, which will be pretty sweet.

What was your impression of the world when you were growing up?
I was very cynical as a child, I thought it was a dog eat dog world out there.

Has the way you view the world changed?
Probably a bit better, there’s so much beauty in the world but some people just ruin it for everyone.

In 3 words describe your personal style.
Strange, goth, and kinda 90s I suppose… Whatever I find first in my wardrobe.

Do you have tattoos? Tell us what they mean to you.
I’ve always wanted a centipede tattooed somewhere, unfortunately I still haven’t decided where. I wanted one for 3 years, too long; I should get it soon! I love creepy crawlies, especially centipede because it symbolizes evil or death in a lot of ancient cultures.

What is something quirky we don’t know about you?
I play too much video games, I’ve clocked in over 19 hours straight too many times. It’s unhealthy…

Where would you like to live most in the world?
Somewhere safe. I wish the same for everyone.

If the world was to end tomorrow what would you do?
Thank everyone for the fun ride and I’ll see y’all on the Otherside.

What advice would you offer emerging stylists/designers?
Don’t give up! Keep doing anything creative and build up your portfolio.

View Daisy’s work with The Dream Assembly here:

1. You Don’t Own the Road Editorial by Honeyrock Photography.

2. Grunge Couture Editorial by Honeyrock Photography.

Collecting Pretty Boys Website.

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