Contributor – Model Pelagie [Giant, Australia]

Model-PelagieHow did you get into modelling?
I was never one of those girls that dreamed about modelling I didn’t ever think about it as a possibility, but then when I was older I thought of it as something that I should try a kind of said ‘why not’, now 2 years on here I am.

How were you discovered?
When I was 16 I did a few modelling jobs privately, then when I finished school I went to Giant for an open day and they said yes.

How long have you been with Giant?
I have been with giant since the start of 2012, and love it!

What do you think defines style?
I think confidence and true individuality defines style. If you dress yourself for yourself and yourself only, you can never go wrong because only your opinion matters really.

If you had one photo to capture the essence of who you are what would it look like?
Probably would be me with my two cats, my friends, red wine in hand and pulling an really unattractive face, I tend to do that in most photo, I believe you should never take yourself too seriously.

What have you gained from modelling so far?
Probably a better understanding and insight into a world I once knew so little about, thinking about it, there’s probably so much still to know!

What is your fave piece of clothing and why?
It’s a tie between my leather skirts and my ripped tights. I love anything leather, it all started with my mum’s old leather skirt, ripped tights because I love the dirty looks I get in them. I find it funny how much what you wear can affects perfect strangers.

What shoot has affected you the most and in what way?
Probably my first submission shoot, apparently one of the photos was reposted on tumbler over 3000 times and its weird to think that many people liked a photo of little old me.

What have you learnt about yourself through modelling?
That I am not a smooth, elegant, graceful and super cool person.

Sum your mood up in one word.
Hungry [Its lunch time].

3 words to describe your style.
I referred this question to one of my good friend and she said, 90’s, black, and leather.

Which 5 people would you invite for your ‘Last Supper’?
A male model called Bradley Solieau (stalker is such a nasty word, I prefer extreme admirer),
Richard Dawkins because he is one of the most remarkable minds of our time, Louis c k because you always need a good laugh, a beautiful girl called Kym Clark and her guitar and last of all can cats come as people? If so I would bring my cats.

Besides modelling what do you love doing?
I love being with my friends but I really love my alone time as well. I like to sit on the window sill in my apartment and listen to music, wright and people watch- love watching people (if you haven’t gathered by now, yes I am a creep) we are a fascinating race and so much goes unnoticed every day.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I will be happy if I am anywhere overseas. I don’t have many set goals or mile stones I need to reach as long as I am happy I could be anywhere in 5 years. I probably will have a few more cats… maybe 12, who knows.

And finally, what is your passion?
I love psychology and philosophy, maybe a bit too much sometimes. I love writing, it may never go anywhere but it is such a huge part of me. [AND these things call savannah cats- they are half tabby and half African wild cat, it always comes back to cats.]

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