Contributor – Kate Radford [makeup/hair]

Kate Radford tda

In 5 years… I will be the mother of two teenagers.

Life is awesome when… I’m catching all the balls I’m juggling.

I would like to die.. surrounded by my family like my mother did. Hopefully I will have more years than she did and get to tick a few more boxes.

I like/love going to the hairdresser because its a few hours to myself being pampered.

My style is ever changing. I love fashion but jeans are my staple.

When the shit hits the fan I duck my head then clean it up.

Instinct or logic? My maternal side says instinct, my Virgo side says logic.

Biggest creative impact In recent times Kate Andrews.

What animal would you be? An eagle.

Favorite person from history? Coco Chanel ….. Less is more. But there are so many more inspirational photographers, painters, sculptors and creatives on the list.

What advice would you give an aspiring makeup artist?
Be humble, be helpful, be open minded and build relationships.

My poison is champagne and sweet & salty organic popcorn.

I would crawl over hot coals for… a Vogue cover. When I  was a teenager I spent a lot of  my pocket money on fashion magazines and Vogue has always been the pinnacle for me.

My passion is my kids, my husband, my work…. and shopping!

View Kate’s website.

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American Apparel Editorial.

Fresh Crop – Model to Watch [Marcel].

Fresh Crop -Model to Watch [Arielle].

Fresh Crop – Model to Watch [Pelagie].

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