Contributor – Alice Laidlaw – Videographer

AliceLaidlaw tda
In 5 years I will be… running a successful business with no financial burdens (touch wood!)

Life is awesome when… both my work life and my personal life are super exciting and inspiring.

I would like to die… knowing I did it my way.

I like discovering successful people my own agebecauseit gives me the motivation to do better.

My style is… symmetrical, monochrome and feminine.

When the shit hits the fan… it’s the perfect time to put things into perspective.

Instinct or logic? I use both equally in my life.

Who has made the biggest impact on you creatively?
The people I surround myself with all influence me in some way, but my Parents have had the biggest impact.

If you were an animal what would you be? One of the Queen’s Corgis.

Favourite person from history is?
My Grandmother Joan Leggo. I never knew her, so her glamorous and artistic existence has become a magical mythology to me.

What advice would you give an aspiring videographer?
Just do what you have to do to make it work – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go for it.

What’s your poison?
Apple products and interior decorating.

What would you crawl over hot coals for? Love.

What is your passion?
Creating and building a life and business that is unique, inspiring, and something that I can be proud of.

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